Comments from a few of our satisfied clients:


I just wanted to recommend Barry Shellington for all the financial advise he has given to my wife and myself. His quick thinking help save my retirement money. Barry is an extremely likeable adviser who is very easy to talk with and is helpful and any financial planning matter. I consider him a friend and trusted advisor. 

MG  Vineland, NJ


It was over twenty years ago that I met Barry Shellington as I was shopping around for employee benefits for the company I was responsible for. At the time, I was anxiously searching for a Benefits to Premiums ratio that I considered reasonably acceptable. Barry was eagerly launching his private practice and ready to put up with the inordinate level of arrogant demands I was placing on him. Contrary to the other contacts I had developed, it was clear from the start that, in spite of the small size of our Company, Barry was demonstrating keen interest in our business.

So, I decided to give it a chance. Rarely have I made such a wise decision that I can still boast about more than twenty years later. Barry would drop in at regular intervals to check if everything was running smoothly and if our claims were being processed diligently without harassment. From time to time, he would present us with an improved Benefits to Premiums ratio because such or such carrier had decided to become smart and market better policies. So we would happily bounce from one carrier to another feeling protected and secure under Barry's watchful eye. This offered the added advantage to allow us to concentrate on the development of our business.

Then one day, all this warm and fuzzy was submitted to a key acid test. In the middle of the night one of our Senior Technical Service Managers was fatally struck by a massive heart attack in a cab in Washington, DC on his way to a demonstration at the Pentagon. The following morning, I placed a call to Barry's office and was informed by his answering machine that he was traveling in Europe but checking his messages. I left him the following one: "Barry, this is JL. We have just lost a member of our staff. This call is made to inform you that you have five (5) business days to get the benefits check in the hands of his widow. You know how to reach me if you need to." And sure enough, the matter was resolved before the burial.

This experience sealed my relationship with Barry who clearly demonstrated to me his dependability, his reliability, his ability to conform his acts to his words. As I wander off into the remarkably fulfilling age of retirement, Barry has continued to demonstrate a keen awareness of my family's needs and helped us protect the interests of our descendants.

JLA, Malvern, PA



When meeting with Barry to investigate financial possibilities, he always makes you feel that you are an important person and you receive straight talk. There is no pressure to make an immediate decision. In fact, various possibilities will be suggested with all the pluses and minuses, and the decision will be yours. His interest and follow-up are always accomplished in a friendly manner.

WEM, Berwyn, PA



Barry has been providing our family with sound financial advice for twenty_five years. He has been unfailingly professional while providing viable options based on our circumstances. We have always been impressed with his friendly, compassionate manner and with the fact that he never pressures us. Barry is trustworthy and reliable - two characteristics we feel essential in someone who is handling our financial planning.

CJD, New Castle, DE


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